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Photographic | Moody florals

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Capturing florals can be a lot of fun.

I love flowers, plants and nature, so of course I am naturally drawn to taking pics of all. For me, photographing florals is never usually a planned thing, it's more often a "caught my eye" or "thanks for the beautiful flowers" sort of thing. So the photos I've taken are generally done at varying times, different lighting, etc. Most often the simplest random shot of a floral can take your breath away using just natural lighting. Florals are beautiful subjects and can make for stunning photography without touchups and edits, however being digitally creative is great too. It's fun to add warmth, contrast, grain and texture for some moodiness. Yes?

Of these three pics, one was actually taken indoors, while two were taken outside. Using an image editing tool, in this case I chose Adobe Lightroom, I kept the photos in harmony and looking consistent with look and feel by choosing a built-in preset. I then manually adjusted the settings, eyeballing it if you will.

I think all creatives are curious and want to continuously learn and explore with how-to tutorials, books, guidelines, lessons and inspiration, however, I feel the most fun is had by diving in, playing around with images and editing until you get a look that feels right to your eye and suits your project.

Moody pics like this can be great to use in social media post if it suits your branding or even as framed art in a flower shop or maybe on the countertop or wall of a kitchen or bath. Gold frames maybe? What do you think? Chime in and share your thoughts and 2cents.

- peonies -

- tulips -

- hydrangea -

Forget rules and be creative :-)


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