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A self proclaimed design junkie. Passionate about creative work (living, photographic and visual). Whether it's working with physical space and product, or with digital content - I love colour, texture, fonts and the function of design, layout and aesthetics.

Moving into the creative space is sort of like a third career, however; design has been a constant in my life since I was born and I strongly believe my work and life experiences were all part of the journey that brought me here. They say a person is often born with their passions, and I couldn't agree more.

Prior to choosing to move fully into creative work, I spent 13 years working in the tech sector and 4 years working as a licensed Realtor®. I've also spent some time along the way working in hospitality & retail.

My education is a combination of formal training, self taught and mentoring. I'm a lifelong learner that is currently picking up new skills regularly. I enjoy research and dive in like crazy when I'm curious.

Drop me a message if you have a creative project in mind that we can collaborate on :-)

" I believe design is universal | choosing quality over quantity is always best | simplicity and white space are always a win."

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