• Pamela Dalton

Victorian Style Garden

Updated: Sep 30

This year is all about home. Given our current worldwide pandemic with Covid -19, finding the beauty in the everyday with family and home is something I've really been embracing.

As the seasons changed from Spring to Summer I felt the need to makeover my own yard for this years enjoyment. With my boys now being a tween, teen and young adult, climbers and playsets are no longer part of the picture. Firstly though, I admit, not only do we have a mature backyard, but I also had some decent bones to work with... a gazebo in the corner that needed a little work and a deck that was sturdy yet hadn't been refinished in a number of years. I really debated tearing off the deck and doing concrete steps from our dining area to the yard, however; I really wanted something usable this summer and not have to be under construction and waiting for grass to grow, so I decided to work with the old deck and the magic of paint! I chose my beloved white to bring both the gazebo and deck back to life. With the gazebo now inviting, I added some tree stumps for seating and dressed up an old teak table I had and voila the perfect place to work, enjoy tea, etc.... I also replaced my Adirondack chairs this year, as our harsh winter destroyed my twenty year old cedar ones. I was fortunate to have new ones made locally and chose black paint this time around, which is a nice change from the older red ones.

With my climbing hydrangea's and pink peonies currently blooming, my yard came to life. I'm planning to add a climbing rose tree to the gazebo early Fall and although it will be years before I get it to the height I want, I do feel it's a great year to plant new life in the garden.

We use a portable firepit in an area where we set slate stones last year... it just takes a few minutes to set it up on nights when we have backyard fires. I find this works well in a smaller city backyard, especially with a doggie that enjoys the space as much as we do!

Hope this offers you some ideas and inspo.

Happy Summer,


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