• Pamela Dalton

Cottage Style Bath

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

1. Notre Dame Design Porto Mirror 2. Progress Lighting Tilley Collection 3. Jade Bath Faucet 4.Aqua Eden Cast Iron Tub 5. Wall tile 6. Merola Flooring Tile

The final style - Bath #3 is a curated cottage style bath.

Cottage Style is well loved for the fresh and crisp clean feeing it provides. Think about a laid back beach house or vacation property...

The options to suit this style are plentiful but I managed to curate this room entirely at Home Depot Online.

- I chose the bathtub first, it's just a wow factor for this room.

- Faucets and fixtures could be either polished, brushed or a nix of both. White would also suit this style really well.

- The flooring I selected provides the feeling of sand on a beach, it's not cottage themed but gives that vibe, which I love!

- I didn't select a sink or vanity but love the idea of an old painted piece re-worked with a vessel sink. This would give the room a personal touch.

What do you think, are you a fan of cottage? I'd love to know your favourite style. Leave a comment and let me know.

Tip: Keep in mind that every space is unique and the homes' architecture and features of a room should be carefully considered before starting any design project. When you do have a plan in place, measure at least twice before ordering any materials!

Design should also be fun, so be true to your own taste and personality!

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